How I Got My Name

We were on a Mission Trip to East Africa, here is part of the story:

Indian Ocean from our roof top.

The battle begins: I think the enemy was after us from the start. Wyatt and I were to room together, but things didn’t work out that way. He was scared but when he discovered he was going to be with Pole Pole he calmed down.  Yet, he didn’t like it in that room. He said it didn’t feel right in there at all. I asked why, he said he didn’t know but it was like the devil was lurking outside and he was scared but didn’t want to say anything.   I asked why not he said he didn’t want to seem like a big baby. After all, there were a few guys that thought he shouldn’t have come cause he was “only” 12.  I told him not to worry about it because Theria was to leave for kigoma and the next day he would be with me.  That was a relief and he felt much better.

BUT as it turned out Theria couldn’t go. She so wanted to but her feet and God told her NO stay right where you are.  Her foot was still very swollen from the plane ride to Africa. We were in our beds for the night, and I laid there wondering what I was going to do. I thought, I wouldn’t leave Wyatt down there again, I had a mosquito net so if need be we would just sleep upstairs on the roof top. It’s not like it was going to get too cold after all!

Suddenly in the middle of the night while I was sleeping I heard someone call my name but it wasn’t exactly my name. He said Paimbia … after a couple times I woke up and asked Theria what was wrong.  She said, Nothing Pam, why? I told her I thought I heard her calling me. No, she said and then went back to sleep.  So, I went back to sleep, and after a while I heard it again …”Paimbia …. Paimbia” then very loud almost yelling “PAMBIA!”  I woke up and said WHAT? Theria are you okay? What? She was annoyed the second time said “Nothing is wrong”, I said “but I thought I heard you call me”. She answered: “No, Pam I’m trying to sleep.”

So, okay it’s not her. I went back to sleep again. Then I heard people hundreds of them murmuring and saying things I couldn’t understand then that same person called my name, and kept calling my name and then all of the people were calling my name .. Paimbia … PAIMBIA and it kept getting louder.  I woke up scared out of my wits and said” WHAT? Theira you keep calling me what is wrong?”
She paused, and said I’m not calling you Pam. I said “someone is saying Paimbia and they keep yelling it at me.”

Suddenly,  Theria jumped up and said Pam what are you hearing? I told her what had happened each time. She said, Pam that is the Holy Spirit .. God is calling you get up. So we both got up. Theira started praying, I was crying, shaking and praying. Then we started singing. I put on Wyatt’s CD and we even started singing some of Carmen’s songs. Then out of no where something inside me (cause I am never this brave) caused me to go to our window and yell as loud as I could, “IF ANYONE CAN HEAR THE SOUND OF MY VOICE GET UP AND PRAY NOW”. Yeah yell that to a country that speaks Swahili. LOL Theira and I started praying and singing even more.

The men in the next room to us heard it and woke up and started praying. Unbeknownst to us there was trouble in the “camp”  Our team was divided and the prayer was needed desperately.  Our team separated, Theria gave her ticket to another member and half the team went to Kigoma.  Problem was solved, tension was lifted.

When our interrupter Ezekiel  came to take us out that morning, Theria and I rushed to him to tell him of what happened the night before.  He looked at us and said “Yes, Paimbia … it means sing chorus with angels”  We were shocked because that is what we did, we got up and sang and prayed.  Ezekiel looked at me and said, “Your name has been changed by God”

So, since February 2006, my name has been …. Paimbia!


2 thoughts on “How I Got My Name

    • O.O I thought for sure I told you guys. I wanted to put the whole story, and I might at a later date. I’m glad you like it. I’ve never felt special, until GOD named me. WOW what an experience that was. Adonai sure is wonderful. Guess that’s why he’s also “Abba” Daddy!!!

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