The Book’s I’ve Read

Here is a list of the books I’ve read since getting my Kindle in December 2010:   This list does NOT include the Bibles and Cook Books and such that I have down loaded.  These are just the Christian themed fiction books!!

Author:  Jerry B. Jenkins      Underground Zealot Series




After reading all of the Left Behind and Left Behind Kids series I just couldn’t get enough.  Then, for a Chanukkah gift, I was given a Kindle.  So of course I used my gift certificate to get more Jerry B. Jenkins.  That was all it took I was officially HOOKED on my Kindle!!

 Author:  Marta Perry

Hide in Plain Sight                      

A Christmas to Die For

Buried Sins

Marta Perry was my first glimpse into reading Christian Mysteries.  They weren’t “preachy” but you could see how God works in their lives.  By thing’s they would bring up, saying a prayer in times of trouble or thankfulness.  It really was good.  So I decided to try even more.  I started with the “free” book, then found myself ordering the next one and the next one … and so on.  The best part is that most of these books weren’t much over $5.oo   And A lot that I have on my Kindle were “free”!!!   Maybe one day I’ll add my whole list, just for fun!!

Author:  O. Henry    

The Gift of the Magi                      

I’m not ready to render a verdict on this one, until I give it another read.

Author:    Lynette Eason          Women of Justice Series

Too Close to Home           

Don’t Look Back

A Killer Among Us

Lethal Deception

River of Secrets

Holiday Illusion

Protective Custody


All of Lynette Eason’s books were fun to read, as you can tell by the amount of her books I read!!   The real delight of having my Kindle was being able to go instantly into the next book.  No carrying around 3 or 4 books at a time.

Author:    Robin Parrish                        Dominion Trilogy




Robin Parrish is a fantastic fantasy writer!!     I was hoping there would be a way to write yet another, but alas the word “Trilogy” kind of means there won’t be another one!!

Author:   Lorena McCourtney            Ivy Malone Mysteries


In Plain Sight

On the Run


The Ive Malone series was a lot of fun.  It’s about someone around my Mom’s age.  Ivy is a feisty, go-get-em investigator, and adventurer.  Someone you just wanna hug and love forever!!  Ivy Malone Rocks!!

Author:   Nicole Young     Patricia Amble Mystery Series

Love Me If You Must     

Kill Me If You Can

Kiss Me If You Dare

This was a really good series.  I could have kicked Patricia a few times, but that would be the part where I could say … I felt like I was there!

Author: Diana Wallis Taylor

Journey to the Well:          EXCELLENT!!!

Martha:              EXCELLENT!!!

These two books weren’t only excellent, they were an inspiration to me.  I truly fell in love with these two women.   I would HIGHLY recommend both books.  I will be reading these again!

The Prisoner in the Thrid Cell                          Gene Edwards      

Blah, started good but over all, I wouldn’t read it again.  It was not so much a book as it was a Bible lesson …. not my style at all.  I don’t need Q and A in what is supposed to be a book.  In some books it was okay, I didn’t mind.  But this one, there wasn’t enough of a story to warrant so many of the Q and A pages.  Besides if you’re going to write about Biblical history … make it as realistic as possible.  Research many  history books to get a feel for the true life and times, not just clips here and there from only the  Bible.  There are too many writings out there of what daily life was like to help create your story with better narratives.  Nah, didn’t like it.

Author:  Lynn Austin      

Chronicles of the Kings Series    Book      #1 —  #5

Gods and Kings                               

Song of Redemption

The Strength of His Hand

Faith of My Fathers

Among the Gods

My hat is off to Lynn Austin!!!!  The whole Chronicles of the Kings series is fantastic, if you haven’t read it, you should!!   Of all the Books I’ve read so far I’d have to say that this was by far the best!   She did her research, you felt like you were there. I could “see” where they were. I traveled with them, felt their struggles.  I was scared for them, happy with them.  I shed tears when they did and laughed when they did.  This series will always be on the top ten of anything I have read!!  I would love it if she would write MORE with this theme in mind.   I am officially a FAN of Lynn Austin’s Chronicles of the Kings series!!


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