More Blessings from the Garden

 After a few months of praying and watering, this is what Adonai has given us …   

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So far, what I have growing is:  corn, acorn squash, sunflowers, jalapenos, hot banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatillos, sweet banana peppers, habaneros, green onion, nashturshium, several varieties of tomatoes, crook neck squash, watermelon, potatoes, sweet bell peppers, and tobasco. 


7 thoughts on “More Blessings from the Garden

  1. The reason that you did not get a good corn harvest is not that you shook it or did not shake it. It was because corn has to be grown in a patch. It needs to be at least 3 rows (however long) or planted in clumps like the native americans did (but they still made their clumps into a patch). I bet if you plant it that way next year, you will get a crop.

    • Yes, I found that out. Next year I am going to put at least 3 to 4 rows. But I’m still not going to do any shaking, I’m going to let the wind do it!! LOL If I get a crop I’ll post pictures!! We sure are getting lots of peppers though and that’s a blessing!!

      • My habaneros (had their own little bed) did pretty good this year but my other peppers got too much shade the way I planted them. My 12 foot beds run north to south and I put the tomatoes running down the middle and the peppers on both sides. The tomatoes got so tall that they shaded the peppers (I had 2 beds that way plus the tomatillo bed was tall, too and shaded from that side and the last bed was all tomatoes and shaded from that side. Next year I will plant so they get a good amount of sun. Like I said, you learn more every year. I’m going to put my garden pics on my blog so you can see it.

        Love and shalom,

  2. You know what, I like your blog page set up better than mine. It’s more pleasing to the eye. But your garden WOW it’s awesome!! You have a really nice blog page!! I would love to have property like yours, all that greenery and the gardens are just fantastic! 🙂

    • Well, if you ever make it to Tennessee, you are welcome here. We don’t intend to be here for a long, long time, but until our Abba makes the way for us to make aliyah to Israel, we are here (Im Yirtzeh HaShem). The website was free with Weebly. I’ve had it for a couple of years, but haven’t done much with it. I’ve decided I’d like to develop it more. As far as the property is concerned, it is pretty much a miracle we got it. My husband had a dream that we were living in a white house with a green roof on a hill set back from the road. We were helping friends look for a place (a lot of it online). I kept being drawn to this place and finally had my husband look at it. He said we should go see it, so we did. When we pulled up to it, it was like we came home. We had no down payment, poor credit history and the house should have never qualified but we got the house. It is cheaper than rent. For over a year, my husband drove 43 miles one way to his teaching job. Then one opened up only 11 miles from home and it is right up his alley. He is working with emotionally disturbed boys who are behavior problems and helping them to learn how to deal with their emotions so they can function in class. I thank Abba every day for where He has us and all He has done.

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