Picks from the Garden:

Well, I have realized one thing, don’t I repeat DON’T shake your corn before it’s time.  Someone was showing me how corn needed to be shook if the wind didn’t blow well enough around them.  And I was informed that it should be done with the silk was showing quite well.  Well …. we ended up with two sad little ears of corn because in this wonderful example of what to do … my corn never was pollinated the way it should have been.  So … next year I will plant heirloom seeds and put them in an area where they will be able to be more “crop” like.  And I’ll put a sign saying “Please don’t shake the Corn”  hahaha.  

hot peppers, onions, beet, corn, acorn squash, tomatoes and red bell pepper


5 thoughts on “Picks from the Garden:

  1. It sure is, one day with lots of practice and learning tips from wonderful people as yourself I will be able to get all my produce from my garden. My dream is to have an abundance even after canning to share with those in need. Thank you for the encouragement!! 🙂

  2. We tried corn a couple of times – didn’t work well. We did a couple of long rows, and the last time, Mike said he learned in school you were supposed to plant it more in a square to get it to pollinate right.

  3. the vegetables are very nice looking very hethly,i will gate protin and vitamin one day from there when i came,hahahahhaah.i love it

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