Sukkot 2011 Deuteronomy 16: 13-15

Blowing the Shofar's

This time was fantastic!  This picture was taken with a friends camera.  The ones I took with my camera have the same orbs or spots on the picture.  On my pictures it seems as if something is in the middle of the circles, in this picture you can see it much better.   My son Wyatt is in the middle.  At times there were 6 shofar blowers.  And the sound of that many shofar’s in unison is awe-inspiring!  

Our stay was for the entire 8 days.  In the morning we would head to “camp central” and pray, then we’d have a morning worship service, and teaching.  In the mid afternoon we’d have a midrash on the book of Ruth.  There was a 5-6 hour break to just enjoy each other, have lunch and then return to “camp central” for the evening worship service.  

We had plenty of service meetings and plenty of free time. The kids had such a wonderful time.  All the boys “Wyatt, Lavon, Jacob and JR” helped with the kids.  They were dressed up as  ” King – Wyatt” ; “Tax collector – Jacob”; “Bead maker – Lavon”; ” Farmer – JR.”

"The King - Wyatt"

"The Tax Collector - Jacob"

"The Bead maker- Lavon"

"The Farmer - JR"


They did such a good job!!  I’m going to figure out how to upload a slide show of all the pictures taken at Sukkot.  But for now I thought I’d share this, and of course I’m going to write about just how awesome our time was!  So let’s call this a taste of Sukkot 2011!


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