Part 2, Chemo

My Wonderful Husband Steve

My husband Steve decided to shave his head too.

Well, I’ve had 3 treatments they come every 21 days.  Surprisingly I’m not feeling any ill effects, the only thing that has been going on are my feet are usually super cold, and my hair decided it didn’t like my head much.  To combat those two things, I wear awesome slippers made by Kristi Stone, and I shaved my head.  I think it was the hair in the tooth brush that was the last straw … or hair!  My white cell count is right on the border of being okay enough for chemo, and not being able to take it.  So, they gave me shots that I have to give to myself once a day for 7 days.  Now those are another story.  I do not like them at all.  Not the giving myself the shot part, that is no big deal needle is short and thin.  What I don’t like is how it makes me feel, while the medicine is encouraging your bones to create more white blood cells, it also makes your bones feel like they have the flu.  Hard to move around and such.  But a day after I stop with the shots it subsides.

I had another CT scan last Thursday 4/26/2012 that wasn’t a lot of fun either.  Iodine makes your whole body burn, strange feeling starts at your head and travels down your entire body … yes parts you didn’t know would become HOT started to burn.  It only lasts about a minute or so but still not a lot of fun.  I won’t know the results of that until this coming Monday.  My prayer is that the cells have shrunk my miracle prayer is that they are GONE!!


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