Giving Thanks to FICH

Sometimes we forget to say thank you.  Or we don’t feel we’ve said it enough.  But I wanted to let anyone who reads this to know how thankful I truly am.  I have lots of people who are praying for me. And I want those who are to know that their prayers aren’t falling on deaf ears.

Also I’d like to thank most of all my FICH  “Freedom In Christ Homeschoolers” sisters: This was taken for our year book, they put bows on my head, we had fun making memories


They are such a treasure.  Since the day I found out I had cancer they have been one of my largest support groups. First while I was in the hospital Ann (not pictured) brought me a lion.  A small “ty” lion.  She said that I was to keep it with me at all times and every time I touched it I would know that people were praying for me.  Only catch was that I had to pass it on once I was totally healed.  I named him Kimo, and he does go with me everywhere!

Then later on our fearless leader Kristi Stone decided to start a meal share, each of the ladies chose a day to come and deliver a meal.  They have been doing this since February 17th and as of  the first week of May, they were still bringing meals.  Now they are getting a much deserved break.  But the meals are awesome.  They discovered that I had to instantly become a vegan and they rose to the challenge.  I have had so many new and interesting and yes YUMMY meals it was hard to keep track of them all.  All I know is that it was a wonderful introduction to the world of being vegan.  They all enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to make a yummy meal, with out using any animal products at all.  Figuring out how to substitute meat, milk, cheese and so on was truly an adventure.  This was such a blessing I will never forget all they have done for me!



2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to FICH

  1. I meant to reply to this earlier when I read it. Pam, it was a blessing to be of help to you, dear friend, for all involved….and it will be a blessing to help you out again, all you need do is say the word. We love you immensely, and though we are not always “around” so to speak, our prayers, thoughts and good wishes are always with you. Love you so much!

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