My Favorite Web Site, “stress ender’

You know sometimes I wonder what actually helps me through this journey the most and for all the people I know and the many names I could name one thing that eases the stress and stops me from thinking on a day to day basis is a web site that I have very much come to enjoy.  It’s  It starts from Genesis 1:1 and goes verse by verse chapter by chapter.  Each chapter is about a 45 minute teaching, Some chapters take two or three lessons.  Yet each goes deep into the history of the people to understand why they did the things they did.  It helps me to feel as though I am truly there, learning.  The teacher is Tom Bradford.  He is in credible in language and history and his voice is easy to listen to.  He doesn’t put down other faiths but he will tell the truth even when we don’t like what he says. It’s truth according to historical records, truth according to scripture. I don’t know how to link his site to this one but when I can figure it out I will do that.

There are times when I am so stressed, or just thinking too much that I turn on his teachings and fall asleep to them.  It’s better than falling asleep to music because somehow I’m learning things and what I don’t actively remember, I know my heart and soul are being fed.  Rabbi Baruch Korman has plenty of teachings along with many others male and female.  They run on donations and have so much to offer everyone.  I guess you could say I’m an unofficial spokes woman for their site haha!! 

There are other things that help me but I feel they deserve their own page because to lump them together would diminish the effect they all have on my life.  So for this one … I will give a shout out to Tom and Becky Bradford and the awesome work they do in bringing the truth of the Word of God to anyone willing to listen!


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