My Garden

I had this wonderful idea to start a garden.  On the side of my home I was planting corn.  My husband said while planting … are you going to add vitamins to that before you cover it?  I said, “No, I’m just gonna cover it and water it and see what Adonai will do”

Then in another section of my yard we made raised beds, purchased great dirt, and began planting.  Well only 3 things that we planted came up, we had to purchase plants and put them in our “raised beds”.

On the side of my home where I decided I would only water, we have lots of corn, lots of acorn squash that came up out of no where.  And two sunflowers.  Before we prepared by roto-tilling the dirt, I would toss my veggie scraps out there to start the mulch process.  And “whadda ya know” out of seemingly no where we have a bounty of acorn squash and I think a couple of pumpkins!!  It’s fun to watch Adonai’s garden grow!!


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