Wyatt’s Graduation

This was the Tribute that we had made for him it was shown during his graduation ceremony.  There were professional pictures taken which will be added after we get them.  So for now, enjoy!!

This is the short version of his Graduation ceremony.  It was a lot of fun!!


2 thoughts on “Wyatt’s Graduation

  1. the acting was very nice and the way their dancing in sicle.you know i don”t understand when that girl go and kill the man on the banch,you know the computer was no voice so iddn”t understand that action.it was very nice Graduration.i wish i could be there and dancing.

    • He was pretending to disturb the graduation so Wyatt pretended to use the “Force” which was his friend, to silence the person making noise. I wish you could have had the sound on your computer, it would help you to understand more. Nakupenda!!

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